Property project consultancy

For those projects of apartment buildings and new urban areas which are being planned or ongoing, we would consult and provide services including:

Business strategy consulting and setting up

  • Business strategies.
  • Price strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales strategies

Market analysis

  • Target market
  • Competitors
  • Target customers

Legal consulting

  • Sales legal record
  • Sales process as stipulated by law.

Marketing consulting

  • Designing brand identity for the projects
  • Setting up sales documents system
  • Designing sample houses, sales office
  • Constructing sample house, sales office, marketing office, and making a model.
  • Designing introductory film for projects
  • Creating PR plans
  • Organizing events: start, introduction projects, etc..
  • Building up website for projects

Consulting on sales staff recruiting and training

  • Sales consulting and deploying
  • Sales deploying based on process at model house
  • Sales deploying at product introductory office
  • After sales customer consulting and caring
  • Customer value add services consulting and managing

For the lands which the investors have not made project yet, we would provide the following services:

  • Researching and analyzing the location
  • Consulting on investment strategies
  • Consulting on basic designs for projects
  • Preliminary evaluating on project’s effects
  • Seeking for domestic and international brokers and investors
  • Consulting on international exploitation management company selection
  • Consulting on local and/or international designing company selection
  • Consulting on local and/or international management and supervision company selection
  • Consulting on local and/or international contractors and designers selection